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Sell Your Car

Sell Your Car

Did you know that the first basic step towards selling your car takes just 30 seconds?

Our free car valuation form takes less than a minute and it’s a huge step away from getting the best price for your car.

Wondering where to sell your car for a great price quickly without the stress and hassle? There’s no need to worry anymore, for we at Townsvillenet are established to serve that purpose.

We buy any models and makes of cars and are delighted in getting you a great and satisfying rate for your car.

We at Townsvillenet are one of the most trusted car brokering companies in Melbourne, Australia. Our services speak for us and so far, they have been satisfactory.


Why You Should Sell Your Car Through Us

We provide free car valuation forms which are just a step away from getting the price of your dreams for your car. We also provide quick answers for every query you have regarding your car sale.

We give our customers a fixed price guarantee which means you can get a price on your car, flip through the process thoroughly in a swift manner and get your cash in just a couple of hours.

We understand that some of our customers may have financial debts and the interesting fact is that, with us, that is not a problem. For our services covers settling any outstanding finance owing to the transaction.

We do not pressurize our customers into selling under unfavourable and unsatisfactory conditions. We believe in freedom and a happy purchase, so it’s definitely your choice to sell your car.

Our curated team of expert valuers will get you the best price for your car by sourcing for the best offer within the Australian retail network. After the inspection of your car, we begin the process for payment instantly including the paperwork process which will be handled solely by our team.

The moment agreement has been sorted out, the process is very thorough. We do not rush through the process, we take you through the simple and exact way it will go down and it can’t be more than an hour.

Afterwards, you would have your cash in your desired bank within thirty minutes. We are a company with an affinity for speed and customer satisfaction, we would ensure that you have your cash in no time.


Why Sell Your Car To Us?

We know how stressful private car transactions can be. It could even take months to deal with complicated paperwork, joyriders, roadworthy certificates etc. Also, research has shown that using private dealers often end up in unsatisfactory transactions and less pay for a car’s worth.

But with Townsvillenet, it would be a smooth, fast, stress-free and secure process.

You would get to sell your car and get paid within hours. It’s our job to help you manage the stress and hassle that comes with selling your car. Choose a stress-free way today and contact our readily available team.

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