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New vs Used

New vs Used

There has always been an unending debate between which is a better and more reasonable option. Buying a new car or buying a used one.

The first thing to consider when you want to buy a car is whether to go a new one as manufacturers and respective car dealerships are making it relatively easy to get behind the wheels of a brand new car, or to go for a used car whose durability has been proven and possible depreciation of the vehicle has already been shouldered and catered for by someone else.

Since you are looking to get yourself a new pair of wheels, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to prepare several pros and cons to buying a new car vs a used car.


  1. One of the most exciting benefits of buying a new car is having the opportunity to select the variable components of the car like spec, paint colour, engine, etc. With new cars, you get what you desire exactly how you desire it. If you know what you want and you’re willing to pay for it, you’d get exactly what you paid for. Used cars, on the other hand, you get what you see and sometimes what you didn’t see as buying a used can be a risk given that you might know if there are hidden faults with the car neither do you know for sure the real reason the car was traded in.


  1. One of the pros to buying a used car is that it is a lot cheaper than new cars and dealers are usually open to negotiations and bargaining on the car to move it on. Private sellers are also less pushy and so therefore they leave the purchasing decision up to you which is a big plus if you’re wary of sellers whose tactics are the best things they’ve got to offer. Another advantage of buying used cars is that they were traded in by people who upgraded to a more recent version but the new car is pretty similar to the used one and so therefore you get a similar version to the new one for a much-reduced price.


  1. A major issue with all new cars is the depreciation factor. You pay a lot upfront for a new car but a few months after delivery the value begins to depreciate rapidly. To be fair, it is not really an issue if you intend to hold on to the car for a long time, but if the idea is to sell after a while for whatever reason then the depreciation factor makes buying a new car not at all enticing option as you’d have to cut your losses with the reduced valuation of the car.


  1. A downside to purchasing a used car is that there will be recurring repair cost. At the time of purchase, all may be well but over time, there’s always the chance that one of its tired parts would give in and you’d be required to spend more money trying to get the car moving again.


Deciding whether to buy a new car or a used one all comes down to your peace of mind and what you prefer. If you can afford the latest version of your dream vehicle then go for it, if you can’t, you can find a suitable and reliable option a used version of the car. New cars generally cost more while used cars are always budget-friendly.

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