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Chattel Mortgage

Chattel Mortgage

Are you an individual business professional, a member of a partnership or a company who’s interested in upgrading your existing vehicle or acquiring another? Townsvillenet is the right place for you to get the best Chattel Mortgage Rates which is a car loan solution for businesses.

There are opportunities to be explored and maximised by you. We bring to you Chattel Mortgage, an ideal way for you to maximize taxation benefits from financing a new vehicle and purchasing various assets like major vehicles, trucks etc.

What’s A Chattel Mortgage?

A Chattel Mortgage is a type of finance that is used for purchasing equipment and vehicles. A Chattel mortgage agreement involves taking complete ownership of an asset once the finance is settled. It involves registering a charge over the asset, making payments and once payment is complete, the charge is removed. A Chattel mortgage with us, includes us providing our customers with the funds to buy a vehicle or equipment which serves as the chattel.

As a customer, you’re only required to make regular payment and claim complete ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase. However, during the time of the agreement, the title to the Chattel belongs to us under a “charge” but the moment the final payment is made by the customer, the title reverts to the customer while the charge is removed. Simple and easy. For sole traders, business partners, business individuals, companies and others who use the cash method of accounting, we recommend a Chattel Mortgage plan for you at the best rates.

The most amazing thing is that customers get to choose the plan comfortable and suitable to them, which could be monthly, semi quarterly, annually or irregular. There are so many benefits and reasons why most business-minded people in Australia choose Chattel Mortgage.


Better Chattel Mortgage Rates and Laws: Before 2014, Chattel mortgage has aided a lot of Australians in car ownership deals and it was just about to get better. With the introduction of new laws that concerned property agents, Chattel auctioneers and motor dealers, it’s safe to presume that the new implementation that came with the law was a great way to make chattel mortgages better controlled.

Maximum Flexibility Contracts: With the use of a commercial hire purchase agreement, customers who would like to place a deposit on their final contract or nominate the value of the final instalment, can set monthly, annually or whatever payment plan they choose to suit their budget.

It’s well known that the Goods and Services Tax(GST) is contained in the purchase price of the vehicle but it doesn’t apply to monthly repayments unless the business professionals register under a Commercial Hire Purchase agreement to claim back all their GST.

However, with us, business professionals using the cash method for accounting would now be able to claim their GST without any long process whenever they lodge their next Business Activity Statement, BANS.

Unlike a car loan, chattel mortgage grants full ownership along with the GST of the purchase price to the customer/borrower. Also, it isn’t limited to customers who are GST registered. If the vehicle is used for business purposes, then a chattel mortgage extends to private individuals and other business entities.

Also, customers can claim interest and depreciation as tax deductions. This is based on the amount of business usage from the asset.

Interest rates are fixed for the terms of the mortgage which explains that the repayments do not alter.

With the aid of a low doc paying option, customers have the discretion of choosing any paying plan comfortable for them.

Why You Should Choose A Chattel Mortgage With Us

We are a leading company that desires the utmost satisfaction of our customers and we’re well equipped with a team of experts that would get you the best chattel mortgage rates.

Car loan transactions can be really tasking but that’s optional. Choose the right choice by contacting us today and you’d be satisfied.

At Townsvillenet we’re very time conscious, speed is one of our core aims and what we thrive at. We would help you save time and effort in getting you a lender with competitive loan rates and a convenient payment plan that suits your budget.

We have wide access to lenders which means that we would always find the best option for you.

You can also choose a payment frequency plan that suits you. It could be monthly, annually or irregularly.

How To Get Your Chattel Mortgage With Us

The process is simple and easy. Sole traders, partnership members and corporations can definitely qualify for a chattel mortgage with us with just these few simple steps.

With the aid of our comprehensive evaluation form which doesn’t take too much time, you’re just a click away from having the suitable vehicle to run your business.

As soon as we receive your filled form, we’d evaluate then we get back to you in little or no time. Afterwards, we’d be sure to provide you with a wide array of lenders.

If you’re interested in getting a competitive high price for your vehicle, additional bonuses like tax reduction (if your vehicle is business owned), returns on GST, a convenient payment frequency and more without the stress that comes with a chattel mortgage, then you should contact we at (inserts company name) to get the most fulfilling and satisfying transaction from wide assorted lenders curated thoroughly by our expert hands.

Make a good choice for your car transaction with us today.

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